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South Coast Track: Trekking True Tasmanian No Man’s Land


The South Coast Track in Tasmania’s Southwest National Park was one of the highlights of my time in Australia. Although I’d rather forget the nauseating airplane ride into the Melaleuca airport (an old mining site), the 81km over 8 days of true wilderness trekking was worth it. From leisurely strolls across pristine beaches to the brutal climb over the Ironbound Mountains, every step was an experience I won’t soon forget.

The trail wasn’t for the faint hearted and each day brought new terrain and adventures: flicking and pulling leeches off gators became a daily tradition, wading through enormous mud pits sometimes past your knees, close encounters with dangerous tiger snakes, and picking through seemingly endless bogs to the extent of renaming the place “Boghdad”. Leech infested swamps might not sound like an amazing vacation to some, but you may change your mind when you peruse these next photos.