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Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Avalanche Rescue


So many things to do, and only a few months to accomplish it all. In an attempt to be as best prepared as possible, it’s time to sign up for an avalanche AIARE Level 1 course. Not only will it help me to consider snowy terrain in a much more responsible way, it’ll also start developing the skill set I need in order to train for the upcoming 250+ mile glacial ski-traverse. Safety is key, people!

Still to come: so many things. Crevasse rescue, gear selection, learning to ski (yikes!), food prep to last us a max of 45 mays, intense physical training and even some mountaineering.

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: Expert Tips on Cold Weather Travel, PLUS! Learn to Ski Like a 3 Year Old

There comes a point in ski-traverse expedition planning where one actually has to learn to ski. That time has now come. Friends, be honest. Can I really learn to ski well enough in just a couple of months to then cross 250 to 350 miles of barren glacial wonderland?

Won’t know until I try. But for now, let’s see how I do on the Daisy run.

In this episode, I also share some expert tips on cold weather travel. Now, how does one pee in their sleeping bag?!