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Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Physical training begins

The training begins! With only 3.5 months to go, it’s now or never. Hundreds of details to sort, gear to buy as thriftily and frugally as I can (more on that at a later time!), and some intensive training if I’m to be prepared for this expedition come May, 2016.

100 days to take-off…

Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: A glacial ski-traverse

0780-367_M_267 Travel to Camp 6

By the time you read this, I’ll be slogging through up to 45 days of snow and glacier filled wilderness fun, towing a 100lb sled whilst on skis. Oh my… the next journey is upon me, and it’s a big one.

It’s time to present….

OCEAN TO ALCAN: A glacial ski-traverse!

This one has been in the works since November, 2015, and the reason why I decided to come back to the United States after the last big motorcycle journey across Oz.

It all started over drinks at The Yard bar here in my Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. Friends came together at my second not-so-annual “Hi and Bye Party” during a visit home. One thing led to another and suddenly two friends and I were planning a 250+ mile ski-traverse across the remote glaciated mountain reaches of Alaska and the Yukon.

Is now a good time to mention I don’t really know how to ski?!




*Cover photo by Manrico Scremin