It has come to my attention that a lot of people think they “can’t afford” to travel.


For the last decade, I’ve had friends and strangers ask how I was able to travel so much. Were my parents rich? Did I make bank or have rad school scholarships? How about a sugar daddy??

I’d say I worked hard to be able to save diligently and travel, but the truth is it always came fairly easily because it was always one of my top priorities. I never knew much about finances, but I did know I had a very serious case of the Travel Bug.

It’s important to mention that between traveling all over and buying various motorcycles, I was also able to pay for more than half my undergraduate degree with $0 debt, buy a beautiful 2 bedroom (now 3 bedroom) townhouse, own cars and do thousands of miles of road trips, travel to 30 U.S. states, eat mostly organic foods, go out for coffee like it was going out of style, have a gym membership for 7 years, pay off a whopping $30,000 in school debt for my master’s degree in one yearand still save enough money to quit my job and travel indefinitely. All on a teacher’s salary.

It’ll take me a while to post all the relevant details, so if you want to find out more about how to stop wasting money and start living a better life, check out Mr. Money Mustache right now. Seriously, click the link and read every word he has to offer. Had I started reading his stuff 5 years ago, I estimated I would have nearly $200,000 in my savings account today.

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A place to relax between trips and call my own, or an aid to financial independence?
A place to relax between trips and call my own, or an aid to financial independence?

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