Icecap Expedition


A journey from motorcycle bum to ski bum. Elisa learns mountaineering and ski skills in an attempt to cross the biggest non-polar ice cap in the world (with only 4 months to prepare, plan, train and go). A big thanks to the many friends who helped me learn, ProSki Seattle, and Garmont of North America.

The Journey Prep: 

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: A glacial ski-traverse

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: Physical Training Begins

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: Expert Tips on Cold Weather Travel, Plus- Learn to Ski Like a 3 Year Old

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: Avalanche Rescue Training

Alcan to Ocean: Gear Selection

The Journey Begins:

Alcan to Ocean: The Bags are Packed

Alcan to Ocean: A Step at a Time

Alcan to Ocean: Night on the Kaskawulsh

Alcan to Ocean: Unraveling of a Team

Alcan to Ocean: A Close Call

Alcan to Ocean: Alone on the Kaskawulsh

Alcan to Ocean: For better or for worse

Alcan to Ocean: A teammate lost, a teammate gained

…Stay tuned!

Feeding the bug one frugal adventure at a time.

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