After paying off a small fortune in student loans, it was time for a change of pace… 

Goodbye, ladies!
Goodbye, ladies!

While searching out visa options for living abroad, I found a visa for myself to go to Australia for a year. The only hitch: I needed to redeem it by my 30th birthday, half way through the following school (work) year. My savings were minimal, but it was now or never!

In a matter of just a few short weeks, I resigned from a great job, said goodbye to family, sold my pet chickens, refinanced my house, purged possessions, found renters, packed my bags, and boarded the plane.

The 2013 plan: spend a couple years exploring new places and new opportunities. Enter my 30’s living life in my own ideal way, no holds barred, no mandated schedule, no itinerary. 

Australia: part I: Personal petting zoo

Australia: part II: Echidnas and other strangeness

The Wayward Stroll 101: How to Get Lost in Suburban Bushlands

Sydney and Australia’s South Coast: via motorcycle

Girl vs. Garden: Making a living while living well

You Must be Chockers: Things to know about Australia

25 Days in the Life of Girl vs. Garden: A successful new business in the land of plenty

Wayward Roll: Motorcycling Oz

Wayward Roll: Secret Societies

Wayward Roll: Slip ‘n Slide

Wayward Roll:  Snowy Mountains and Mount Kosciusko

Wayward Roll: The lost city

Spirit of Tasmania: The Puke Vessel

Leaches to Mountains: Hiking Tasmania

Hitchhiking Blues: End of the Overland

The South Coast Track: A warning to hikers

Packing Guide to Wilderness Trekking

South Coast Track: trekking true Tasmanian wilderness

Goodbye Oz! Hello Chile??

Back to the Bush: The Return to Oz, Day 1

A Return to Oz.

2015’s Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: a story and video series of Travelbugblues’ 3,000 mile motorcycle journey dubbed Mission Quokka. Join her on her search to find her potentially mythical but smiley spirit animal in the western reaches of Oz…tralia.

The Deadly Bluebottle Stinging Ocean Killers of Australia

Bingi Dreaming Track and Pokey Animals 

Greek Fisherman of the New South Wales South Coast, and Big Birds

Funny Australianisms: Potentially not suitable for kids or grandma!

How to Travel Across Australia on the Cheap. $30/day?  You Betcha! 

Coffee’s Too Expensive Here: How to Make a Great Cup of Turkish Coffee, in Melbourne

The Great Ocean Road, Koalas and How to Get a Mate Using Blue Garbage

A Time of Giving: Motorcycle Riders and Their Favorite Toys

Germans Girls in Oz vs. Drunken Farmers

Adelaide Heat

Nullarbor, Part I: Coffee with a Kangaroo

Nullarbor, Part II: Tips for the Ride 

Nullarbor, Part III: Journey of the Bicyclist 

Forest Rooftop, Fiery Ride and the Last Days of Oz

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  1. Hi
    KimZ here from TWF, when you find your way down to South Australia, give me an email, if you have some wheels we can go for a ride around our lovely part of the world.

  2. What an amazing adventure, Elisa! So inspiring! I really look forward to following your trip! All the best from Nairobi, Andreas

  3. Hi! This is Ethan from 8B! I really miss you and I wish you would send me letters. Heres my address: 6745 Pike St S 98112

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