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Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: For better or for worse

This week marks one year since the start of the icecap expedition that took two friends and me on a journey across the biggest non-polar ice cap in the world. And it’s been too many months since my last installment of the story. Now, as I start a new motorcycle journey from Australia to Southeast Asia, I’m disappointed I didn’t finish it sooner. But a part of me was scared to, scared to hurt someone I’d once considered a good friend, and nervous to rehash some of those feelings, despite this journey having been one of the most incredible experiences of my life. But I’ve spent the last five weeks trekking around New Zealand’s South Island, marveling at the views that so often reminded me of those first few days making our way to the toe of the glacier, snow-capped mountains looming in the distance and icefalls peeking out, and I realized this was a story I had to complete before the emotions and memories were changed with the passing of time.

For better or for worse 

The sounds of nearby avalanches rolled through the icefield well into the evening. Alone on the Kaskawulsh glacier, the tent felt palatial, the solitude divine. I’d bird bathed the sweat away, standing on my mat in the snow, the sun’s hot rays beating down on my naked skin- the first time I’d had any privacy in a week- as I used handfuls of snow to scrub my body clean. Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: For better or for worse

Presentation on Sunday, February 12th in Seattle

It’s been quite some time since my last post, and much has happened. Getting the chance to ride across the United States and Canada on a KLR, and to be a part of Women ADV Riders magazine were both wonderful. Being given the opportunity to teach at an all girl’s high school right after was an incredible way to wrap up the last year, is something that will fill me with happiness for a long time.

As I prepare to leave Seattle for the next leg of the journey (Oceania-Asia-Europe), I’ll be giving one more presentation in Seattle. Please join!

Please join us at Touratech on Sunday, February 12th for SheADV’s Brunch Series!


Sunday, February 12, 2017


4021 Airport Way South

Seattle, WA 98108

Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: A Close Call

Following in J’s tracks (“Jim” for now on, for the purpose of these accounts), I used my ski poles to probe for crevasses in front of my feet. It seemed like overkill given the area, but better safe than sorry, I’d thought to myself. Jon was behind, but would catch up after “using the bathroom”, the inadequate expression still part of my daily vocabulary.

Through my fatigue, I glanced up in time to see Jim half disappear into the snow, his right leg invisible to the thigh. Quickening my pace, my mind began putting the pieces together as he shifted his weight to his left foot, pushing off his ski poles until he could get his back leg out of the hole and onto solid snow. “Did you just almost fall into a crevasse?”, I said Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: A Close Call