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Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean: Mission Quokka and the Grand Finale (plus sneak-peak of next journey!)

It’s official. I’ve finally finished this video series of the 3,000 mile solo ride across ‘Stralia. Continent # 4 of the 6 I intend to ride is now finished (Or is it?! Sydney to Darwin to Indonesia and beyond beckons…). As far as mileage is concerned, this around the world is now well past the half way mark, with 20,000 Latin American miles, 3,000 European (plus 1,000 of hiking the Camino de Santiago) and 6,000 Australian (3,000 0n this ocean to ocean segment).

But more importantly, MISSION QUOKKA IS NOW COMPLETE. I repeat, Mission Quokka is now complete!

For those of you know were not privy to the story and birth of Mission Quokka, let me recap: Following serious heartbreak and a return to the United States to figure out life’s next stage, I came across ridiculous photos with the hashtag “Quokkaselfie” (what exactly is a hashtag, anyway?). I was immediately filled with joy upon seeing the smiling faces of these tiny Australian inhabitants (marsupials) smiling up into the camera with grinning tourists behind. The quokkas were found on the exact opposite side of Australia from where I’d been living, across the vast and completely townless Nullarbor Plains. I immediately wanted to go see them for myself.

For the next month- a dark time in life-, I Googled quokkaselfie when I needed a smile, a pick-me-up, or a reminder of the cuteness in this world. I agreed that it was a little ridiculous to ride across an entire continent just to see some small furballs with rat-like tails, I knew I needed to see them for myself. Call it Animal Therapy.  I would go search out my new Spirit Animal.

So I returned to Oz and went on a mission.

I present the culmination of this 3,000 mile Animal Therapy journey: Mission Quokka.

(Watch till the very end, and see the Sneak Peak of the next Travelbugblues adventure! Please share this video with anyone who needs a Quokka induced smile).

Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Engine vs. Human Power


There’s no doubt about it, I love motorcycling. But with 50,000 miles under my expanding belt (and a waistline progressing with age), I’ve wonder if it’s time to put the keys away for a while and go back to human powered journeys, like in the past. Hiking, or riding a bicycle, can be significantly cheaper than a motorcycle after all*, and this blog is dedicated to frugal adventures. And to clarify, a ‘human powered’ adventure would be something that requires getting from point A to point B while expending your own strength and energy. Trekking, cycling, kayaking, running, climbing, skiing, etc. No need for gas or oil means you can spend more on food, much deserved (and needed) during a human powered adventure. And while using your own steam to get around sure is tiring, you’re allowed to eat anything and everything you want, while getting trim and healthy. An adventure, frugal fun, a workout and getting to eat to your heart’s content? Not a bad tradeoff! Sure, it’s slower, but there are definitely many bonuses.

Now motorcyclists, don’t get up in arms! I’m not quite ready to give up my motorized ride forever Continue reading Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Engine vs. Human Power

Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Couchsurfing, German Girls and the Drunk Australian Farmer


Couchsurfing can be a wonderful way to meet like-minded people from all over the world. It can also be a major crap-shoot, as is the case when you elect to stay with older gentleman farmers in rural Australia. Had it not been for the three teenaged German girls also staying there, I would have left without hesitation (something you must be prepared to do if you’re to use Couchsurfing!). That said, the girls and I stuck together and had a great time exploring the surrounding beaches and hills.

A video about one motorcycle adventurer, three teenage German girls and drunken farmers.

Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Gear and Cost

Someone recently asked me what they’d need to bring on a trip like the one I’m on now, and the cost. The only real requirement of a motorcycle trip is a motorcycle! That said, here’s a list of the things I’ve taken along on this current journey across Australia. Continue reading Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Gear and Cost

Patagonia Bound: CGL 125 first days on the road


The Gang of 84 (so dubbed by a good friend) has just completed their first day ride on three shiny new CGL125 motorcycles.

We began the morning in Santiago at the crack of dawn (9am), and arrived 240km and a handful of hours later in the seaside beach town of Pichilemu, Chile. The bikes, although tiny, handle surprisingly well and easily sit on 80km/h, or 50mph, fully loaded. Going up hill is a bit slow, but we’ll manage.

We were all relieved to finally leave the smog of Santiago. Although it was a nice city, a city’s a city almost anywhere you go, and the rest of the country beckoned. I assumed getting out of the metropolitan area would be difficult, but it was surprisingly quick, minus getting separated repeatedly by yellow lights. Being the only one with a map, Rob led the way, sometimes driving down the wrong side of the road.

Eventually the city opened up to hilly arid land, dotted with houses, debris, roadside mini marts, stray dogs and low lying patches of cactus. As we progressed, the hills became covered in dry yellow grass, and finally a mix of coniferous forests and tall, slender cactus, before opening up to blue ocean and crashing waves.

So far the roads here are better than at home, without the rain to undermine the foundation. It’s still strange, and even a little sad, to not have to search for kangaroos on the side of the road.

What’s my plan here? Still not sure. I can’t wait to get to the tree covered mountains and glaciers of Patagonia, but for now, that’s my ultimate destination. We’ll see what happens once I reach the southern tip of South America.

More soon- TravelBug

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