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Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Onward ho, cheesemongers!

If the Greeks ever sculpted statues of athletic women, Lynne would have been their muse. She meticulously applied sunblock to her alabaster skin, standing sleek and strong in the snow. She looked built for this, her finely chiseled but feminine arms enviable and each movement made with grace and purpose.

I peed my pants that morning. If it hadn’t been so funny, it would have been pretty embarrassing. Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Onward ho, cheesemongers!

Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Gear selection for a glacial ski-traverse


Notice the name change? We’ve reversed directions! We’re now officially traveling from the Kluane National Park in the Yukon (starting point: Alcan hwy), up the Kaskawulsh glacier and across the Hubbard, Seward and Columbus glacier into Alaska. We’ll continue on the Bagley Icefield, and then hang a left and try and make it as far Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Gear selection for a glacial ski-traverse

Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Avalanche Rescue


So many things to do, and only a few months to accomplish it all. In an attempt to be as best prepared as possible, it’s time to sign up for an avalanche AIARE Level 1 course. Not only will it help me to consider snowy terrain in a much more responsible way, it’ll also start developing the skill set I need in order to train for the upcoming 250+ mile glacial ski-traverse. Safety is key, people!

Still to come: so many things. Crevasse rescue, gear selection, learning to ski (yikes!), food prep to last us a max of 45 mays, intense physical training and even some mountaineering.

Ocean to Alcan Expedition: Expert Tips on Cold Weather Travel, PLUS! Learn to Ski Like a 3 Year Old

There comes a point in ski-traverse expedition planning where one actually has to learn to ski. That time has now come. Friends, be honest. Can I really learn to ski well enough in just a couple of months to then cross 250 to 350 miles of barren glacial wonderland?

Won’t know until I try. But for now, let’s see how I do on the Daisy run.

In this episode, I also share some expert tips on cold weather travel. Now, how does one pee in their sleeping bag?!


Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Physical training begins

The training begins! With only 3.5 months to go, it’s now or never. Hundreds of details to sort, gear to buy as thriftily and frugally as I can (more on that at a later time!), and some intensive training if I’m to be prepared for this expedition come May, 2016.

100 days to take-off…