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Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Onward ho, cheesemongers!

If the Greeks ever sculpted statues of athletic women, Lynne would have been their muse. She meticulously applied sunblock to her alabaster skin, standing sleek and strong in the snow. She looked built for this, her finely chiseled but feminine arms enviable and each movement made with grace and purpose.

I peed my pants that morning. If it hadn’t been so funny, it would have been pretty embarrassing. Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Onward ho, cheesemongers!

Alcan to Ocean Icecap Expedition: Physical training begins

The training begins! With only 3.5 months to go, it’s now or never. Hundreds of details to sort, gear to buy as thriftily and frugally as I can (more on that at a later time!), and some intensive training if I’m to be prepared for this expedition come May, 2016.

100 days to take-off…

CGL 125 Photo Update: Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre Birthday Bash


A photo update of recent adventures around the mountain town of El Chalten, home of the famous Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre peaks.

For my birthday we hiked 23km (14 miles) from the town of El Chalten to Lago de los Tres at the foot of the stunning Fitz Roy mountain. It was exactly one month and 4,500km (nearly 3,000 miles) after we started our journey from Santiago, Chile on January 7th. By February 7th we were in dire need of a serious leg stretching, and the undulating ridges and valleys on the way to the mountain were beckoning. But take it from me: hiking boots are not broken in just because you’ve warn them on your motorcycle for a month! My feet are still suffering the blistering consequences.

El Chalten itself was a nice town full of good cafes, restaurants, stunning views and rock climbing. I regretted my decision to leave climbing shoes and harness at home, but a minimalist can only fit so much on a motorcycle. It also had free National Park access, excellent and cheap campsites and hostels,making the $30/day budget a breeze.

Crossing a valley in Parque los Glaciares before reaching the mountains. Glaciers shine in the distance.
Crossing a valley in Parque Nacional los Glaciares before reaching the mountains. Glaciers glimmer in the distance.
My birthday “cake”, a gift from a local baker.
Gang of ’84 members Kath and Rob, two weeks after their 9th anniversary. With 11 more months to roam the world, they’re just at the beginning of their journey.

IMG_5150 IMG_5149

The Gang of ’84 unite!
photo 2
The only gas station for 130km was empty on our way to El Chalten, but this man had a secret stash…
photo 1
…And a mob of identical kittens. More played in the garden.