Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Melbourne

What’s the best thing about riding into a city? Good coffee, food and (sometimes) a real bed to sleep in. And the worst thing about riding into a city? You have to ride into the city. A hellish experience almost anywhere, especially Melbourne where drivers seem to be more aggressive (or less attentive?) than in other places in Australia.

The struggle of getting into and out of Melbourne was worth it, and I got to catch up with my friend Jaakko, a Fin who’s been traveling the world for nearly a decade and spending the year working in Melbourne. A decade of travel! To my knowledge, the only places he has yet to visit are Africa and the Antarctic. He spent years in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America, New Zealand and most recently, Australia. He’ll also be delivering my little TU250x from Perth to Sydney where it will be sold by another friend, Jacqui, via a similar route I’ve taken myself. Jaakko has also promised to give me a proper interview when he’s here in the States later this year, and I look forward to sharing his travel stories and tips with you. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And I’m also behind (myself…?), as I haven’t shared the rest of my trans-Australian voyage.

So without further ado, here’s a brief video on Melbourne. The Great Ocean Road video comes out in just a couple of days.


2 thoughts on “Pacific Ocean to Indian Ocean Motorcycle Journey: Melbourne”

  1. Hey, I’m sorry I missed you! Would have been cool to meet you again and hear more in depth about your trip across Oz! Been in Melbs for 3 weeks, I leave for Sydney next week to head up the East Coast…. any recommendations for things I shouldn’t miss that may be off the tourist trek?

    1. Hi! I’d highly recommend going to explore the Tablelands west of Cairns. Beautiful rollings hills, quaint villages (like much of Oz!), and some big beautiful strangler figs to climb. Cape Tribulation was really nice, especially some of the less visited pools for a swim. Make sure to ask the information places, so you know you’re going far enough inland as to not be eaten by a crocodile :) I loved Cairns despite how touristic it is. Don’t miss the free Cairns exercise classes held on the esplanade, or the $15 dollar massages at the night market in town. They seemed a little sketchy, but were actually great!

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