Bingi Dreaming Track: Video

Tomorrow is the start of a 3,000 mile trip across this big, beautiful, and sometimes desolate country, from the Pacific Ocean to the Indian Ocean. Moruya to Adelaide and across the Nullarbor Plains (giant swath of nothingness scrub land) to Perth, if I don’t melt on the way. A real possibility… My motorcycle boots literally melted apart recently, so I’ll be using my Garmont Women’s Tower Trek hiking boots instead. Here’s to durability!

To stretch my legs before the trip, I took a jaunt down The Bingi Dreaming Track, a stellar 13.5km hike through Australia’s New South Wales coast, boasting bushland, beaches, meadows, hundreds of Bluebottle stingers, dozens of kangaroos and three echidnas.


Mission QUOKKA, begin! More videos and posts to come.

Welcome to Oz, mates!



4 thoughts on “Bingi Dreaming Track: Video”

  1. awesome video, fun to watch, definitely more enjoyable when you talk about whats were seeing in the video.
    i noticed at the very end toms pack was covered in flies (?), are there a lot out in the bush while hiking?

    1. Hundreds and hundreds of flies. That’s one of the painful parts of travel through Australia. If they’re just sitting on you, it’s fine, so I learned to try not to disturb them :)

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