ADVrider Mini-Motorcycle Diaries: 20,000kms, from the tip to the top


With Tom’s departure came the arrival of Ashley, Justin and Adam, three incredible friends who coordinated and made the time to come see me northwards through Peru, Ecuador and Colombia. Arriving in Colombia marked 20,000kms from Santiago de Chile to Ushuaia, and then back north all the way to the Darien Gap, the gateway to Central America and home.

The last month has been a whirlwind of friends and adventure, with some moments I’ll never forget. Ashley and I off-roading in Canyon de Pato, Justin and I befriending a monkey in the woods, and Adam and I motorcycling with a local police squadron. The experiences are so diverse and overwhelming that I barely know where to start, so please enjoy these photos while I compile my thoughts, stories and photos.

A dunk in the river, and a friend to help me out. I didn’t know if I wanted Justin to come save me, or take a picture of me and bike half submerged.

Not very confidence inspiring…

Rice paddies in Peru

Snack time

A warm welcome to Ecuador!

Followed by a very muddy ride, one of the best of the whole trip

More soon.

Thanks for the fabulous pictures, Justin!








2 thoughts on “ADVrider Mini-Motorcycle Diaries: 20,000kms, from the tip to the top”

  1. Thank you, enjoyed the pictures very much and am intrigued by all adventures. looking forward to read in more detail :). good luck

  2. There’s a sculpture park called San Agustín in Southern Colombia that shouldn’t be missed: stones which look like they were carved by aliens are surrounded by rolling hills and coffee trees.

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