CGL 125 Mini-Motorcycle Diaries: The Lonely Death of a Penguin


Walking down the beach at dusk in Peninsula de Valdez, a bundle lay motionless in the sand. Curious, I walked up to it and found a little penguin with eyes closed. I thought it was dead, but it opened its eyes and gazed at me calmly. It didn’t look injured or afraid. I got the strong impression it was waiting for something. This little creature that lived its whole life in a colony amongst its own kind, lay all alone, waiting for death. In the next couple of days, we saw two more penguins like this one, tired, alone, chest raised to the setting sun, waiting. For your last moments of this life, at least it’s a beautiful place to go.

The next day we found another penguin on these rocks

IMG_9253 IMG_9260

Sea meadow
Foals walk by.
Foals walk by

A few happy pictures of penguins in Tierra del Fuego and mainland Patagonia.

The long march from the nest to the sea



IMG_5257 IMG_5259


King Penguins: Some have their fluffy babies in front of them, others are still sitting on eggs.

P1020692 P1020695 P1020696

7 thoughts on “CGL 125 Mini-Motorcycle Diaries: The Lonely Death of a Penguin”

  1. Elisa, you’re living the life that I wish I had done when I was your age. Unfortunately, my arthritic low back and hands couldn’t handle a long motorcycle ride so I’m living vicariously through your blog.

  2. Beautiful pictures taken with such sensitivity to the wild life around you. We wish you safe travels through these wild and wonderful places.

  3. Pictures are fantastic, so sad about puinguins dying, wonder why. In natural environment weakest are eaten by other predators, usually. But natural only landscape left still in some places

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