Breaking News: Baby Gemma Gets a Liver!


At 8:30am today (Friday, July 22nd, 2016), Gemma was carried down the hallway of the Seattle Children’s Hospital’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit. After a four month wait, this beautiful 9 month old girl finally gets a new liver!

During the next 10 hours, we’ll be waiting for news as the three specialized teams work hard to give Gemma the long, healthy life she deserves. During the last few weeks, Gemma had taken a turn for the worst and had spent significant time in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, intubated, with a liver that was almost completely dysfunctional. Due to a rare disease called Biliary Atresia, this little girl has been in constant peril. We can’t wait to see her recovery!

The family- loving mother and father Melissa and Shawn, and baby Gemma- will be reunited this weekend, and will hopefully be able to go home to Hawaii in 3 months.

We love you, Gemma!

If you haven’t had a chance, please help support Gemma’s long recovery, here. Please help spread the word by sharing this via your Social Media!




Alcan to Ocean: A Step at a Time, Day One

An 80lb pack sat upright in the dirt at my feet, skis sticking up at awkward angles. Ski boots jutted out the side and two ski poles propped up the load, tips jammed into the hard ground. Gargantuan mosquitos buzzed hungrily around my ears as I tried in vain to swat them back. “I can’t believe I Continue reading Alcan to Ocean: A Step at a Time, Day One

Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Gear selection for a glacial ski-traverse


Notice the name change? We’ve reversed directions! We’re now officially traveling from the Kluane National Park in the Yukon (starting point: Alcan hwy), up the Kaskawulsh glacier and across the Hubbard, Seward and Columbus glacier into Alaska. We’ll continue on the Bagley Icefield, and then hang a left and try and make it as far Continue reading Alcan to Ocean Expedition: Gear selection for a glacial ski-traverse

Ocean to Alcan Expedition Episode 4: Avalanche Rescue


So many things to do, and only a few months to accomplish it all. In an attempt to be as best prepared as possible, it’s time to sign up for an avalanche AIARE Level 1 course. Not only will it help me to consider snowy terrain in a much more responsible way, it’ll also start developing the skill set I need in order to train for the upcoming 250+ mile glacial ski-traverse. Safety is key, people!

Still to come: so many things. Crevasse rescue, gear selection, learning to ski (yikes!), food prep to last us a max of 45 mays, intense physical training and even some mountaineering.

Feeding the bug one frugal adventure at a time.


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