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Adventure Rider Radio, a program out of British Columbia, has just put together an episode on my recent Latin America motorcycle adventures, plus the financial side of how such a trip was possible. Don’t miss out on the first part of the program, featuring Melanie Cowpland and her upcoming Africa motorcycle and sidecar adventure, where she’ll be accompanied by her daughter.

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Small Displacement Motorbike Travel South America – Elisa Wirkala

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Learn more about Mel and her daughter, and follow them across Africa!

From the Ends of the Earth: Video 1

My first attempt at video making, guest starring Tom Wells, Ashley Worobec, Justin Herx and Adam Worobec, the four fabulous friends who accompanied me across South America. These shots were taken in Peru, Ecuador, Colombia and Guatemala.

More coming soon! Please leave questions, comments or suggestions on what you’d like to see next!


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